Pro-Fire Headlamp V3

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Pro-Fire Headlamp V3

Professional Quality, this 2500 Lumen headlamp is built with brightness and quality in mind. The Pro-Fire Headlamp is the top of the chain in high intensity LED headlamps. This is likely the most useful, best and brightest headlamp available on the open market for its size. We GUARANTEE it!

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  • 1 x Pro-Fire Headlamp V3
  • 1 x Smart Charger
  • 2 Rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion Batteries
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  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

NOTE: Many of our customers like to combine their purchase of the Pro-Fire Headlamp V3 with the purchase of a car charger. 


Maximum Lumens: 2500

Battery Type: 18650 Li-Ion (2)

LED Emitter Type: CREE

LED Emitter Lifetime: 10,000 hrs

Switch Type: Button

Modes: On-Off-High-Medium-Flashing

Zoomable: Yes

Lens Type: Aspheric / Convex

Body Type: High Quality Aircraft Aluminum Alloy and Military Grade Composite Plastic

Beam Distance: 150-200 metres

Dimensions: 2.76 x 1.57 x 1.38 inches (L x W x H)

Weight: 6.35 oz 

Color: Blue


Who Is This Headlamp Designed For?

Are you a fisher, hunter, walker, camper or night rider? If you are, you NEED this headlamp! The main users of our headlamps are our police officers, EMT's, campers, security guards, outdoor enthusiasts and firefighters who need the extreme brightness of a flashlight, without a hand being occupied. Many users are calling this their "hands-free-flashlight" - just WAY BRIGHTER. This headlamp replaces the need for your flashlight and free's up your hands while always having extreme brightness everywhere you look.

Product Description:

The Pro-Fire Headlamp V3 is composed of Aircraft Aluminum Military Grade Composite Plastic and is water-resistant. Our Pro-Fire Headlamp runs on two lithium ion batteries (INCLUDED) that emits the most beautiful 2500 lumens of white light ever produced. 

Our newly designed Emitters are 20% more efficient than the original model and emits a brighter and cleaner spectrum of crisp clear light than previous models. You WILL notice a significant improvement over the original version. Our revolutionary emitter has a silver backing and a more effective beam pattern.

Once you turn this headlamp on for the first time, you will see what we mean when we say we "killed it". Our "instant on" technology ensures instant brightness is emitted as soon as you press the on button. Also take advantage of the 3 mode technology (High - Medium - Flashing) to adapt to any situation.

This light-weight, durable headlamp makes it perfect for outdoor activities. Whether its camping, climbing, riding, fishing, or simply doing work around the house or yard, this headlamp is the perfect choice. In addition, the Pro-Fire's V3 superb zoom-able capabilities leave other headlamps in the dust!

This product is guaranteed to be perceived by you as superior to any other LED headlamp in its price range. We dare you to test our money-back guarantee by comparing it with any other headlamp on the market. The Pro-Fire V3 is half the price and has twice the power, brightness and quality of the next best option on the market. 

The Pro-Fire V3 Headlamp is the right headlamp for you and a great replacement for your flashlight and we GUARANTEE it. We offer a 100% risk free purchase. If you are not happy with the headlamp within the first 30 days, return it to us and get a full refund!

Extended Warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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